Welcome to the Team

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The Nicola Jane Interiors team just got that little bit bigger. 

Please welcome our newest member to the team - Sabrie. As the studio expands and I need to spend more and more time on projects and at clients houses it was clear that I needed some more support. 

I wanted someone bubbly, great with clients and someone who has a real passion and a keen eye for interior design. I can teach colors, paints, wall coverings and fabrics but you can’t teach passion and you can’t teach warmth and likability which is essential when you are dealing with clients. 

Sabrie has these core qualities in spades and is super enthusiastic as well. 
I wanted someone ‘bubbly’ and I actually got someone with a sparkling personality so I am certain she is going to fit right in and you are going to love her as much as I do! 

Sabrie’s love of interior design comes from her mother who was a stay at home mom and, like many moms, had perfected the art of making her house feel like a home. Sabrie has fond memories of decorating her home with her mom. From their this hobby escalated  to restoring old rustic furniture and hidden gems she would happen across in antique shops. (Side story - This is exactly how I started my business in England all those years ago). 

She has a major in Christian counseling which allows her to practice her natural soft skill - listening.....Which is why she is going to make a fantastic consultant. Our role as interior designers is paying particular attention to every last detail. It could be a color that a client has seen, a piece of furniture that inspires a vision or something more practical entirely like how someone needs to use a space or maximize the value of the space ready for resale.  We listen, actively, intently and with purpose to gather all of those details so we can then apply our creativity to bring it all to life.

Sabrie starts with us today and I’m really excited to have her on board. Pop in and say hi - make her feel welcome. It’s going to be great to watch this young natural talent flourish.Welcome to the team Sabrie!

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