Reupholstered Furniture

Re-upholstering is often an option that home owners overlook. They immediately look to buy new when that old sofa has seen better days. And lets be honest – the major furniture retailers make it difficult for us to say know with their Sunday opening hours, free design and delivery service and perfectly staged stores. But over the years I have reupholstered many pieces in my home and for clients. I recently redesigned the communal sitting areas in a home for the elderly. IT was a turn of the century building with many original pieces but as you can imagine – over the years had seen a lot of traffic. But these pieces were beautiful and I could see how amazing they would look if I brought them back to life with some well chose fabric and new foam and cushions.

Reupholstered Futniture Blog BeforeReupholstered Futniture Blog After

Reupholstering can be a great alternative to buying new and it doesn’t have to cost as much as many folks think. If you have an old worn out piece that has been in the family for yeas then the sentimental value simply doesn’t have a price. I always consider the shape and style of a piece then determine if the end result will fit the design. I have done reupholstering courses and do pieces for my own home and occasionally still do customer pieces but I work with some full time reupholsters that produce amazing results. 

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