(Part 1)

I am really excited to let you all know that I am opening a new design studio in the charming Lafayette Village Historic District. I happened upon the Olde Lafayette Village by chance some 3 years ago when we moved to Sparta in NJ – which is a must see by the way. My husband was all for moving south until we viewed some houses and sat and contemplated where we would lay some roots and raise our family (whilst sipping a summer cocktail outside of St Moritz overlooking the beautiful lake Mohawk). My husband’s exact words were “this place feels like I am on vacation” and from that moment on we were sold on Sparta. Anyway – back to my ‘big news’ story. As we were getting the know the area we came across Lafayette Village. It was quaint and a perfect outdoor walking space perfect for boutiques and unique crafts folk, retailers and haberdasheries. Sadly it was very run down with only a few stores remaining – reminiscent of a ghost town with a bustling past. 

new studio 1

Fast forward a few years and here I am looking to expand my design business as I noticed a large ‘Reopening’ sign at the entrance to the pub which sits in front of the retail village. I had thought that the ‘re-opening’ was perhaps referring to the restaurant and tavern that may have been updated but we investigated – late one night in the dark. As it happens the charming village my husband and I had passed comment on 3 years earlier, -[“if we had a spare few million ($) we would buy this place – it could be a gold mine”], was now renovated by a developer that has done an amazing job. Now – all new siding, pavements, a village green, village hall with clock tower set the scene for a new type of browsing experience. It has now been renamed ‘The Shoppes at LAFAYETTE’ and is attracting a lot of attention.  I have already met a few of my new ‘business neighbors’ – great florists, hand-made invitations, dog boutique, painted signs and so on… all very unique, creative and right up my alley – this feels like home, somewhere I can get inspired and start my next chapter. 

Shoppes Logo 1

I fell in love with it instantly and got straight in touch with Lisa at Fairclough Realtors to show me around. With her help we identified a perfect location to play host to my vision for a new Interior Design studio. I signed on the dotted line yesterday and spent last night measuring up, developing mood boards and schematics which I have to be honest – is a little odd after being so used to executing someone else’s vision. Now it is my turn to develop my own space that will attract clients from far and wide to come and discuss their ideas and be inspired. I am targeting a launch of September 1st so I have 8 weeks from today to transform the current space in to something special. I will keep you all posted on my journey with regular updates and details of the official launch – I hope you will all support me and come and see me when we open. In the meanwhile, I am still operating from my home office!!!


Wish me luck!


Nicola Jane xxxx

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