I absolutely love molding! There – I admitted it. It can transform a room from plain and dated to something far-more grand. And done properly you can make your own look. Coming from England I lived in a number of Victorian houses that had the traditional large base boards like the picture below (we call them skirting boards in England). When I moved to the USA I started to look for something similar but there aren’t a great deal of resources and those that I could find were very expensive as they are custom I guess.


I started researching and found a wealth of great resources showing how to develop your own custom Baseboard, ceiling molding and picture frame molding. I particularly like some of the ideas on Kens site ‘the joy of molding’ (

Depending on the varying trims you opt for you can have a different look in every room of the house.  I love the double layer of ceiling molding in this picture and the way the picture molding frames the lamps at each side of the bed to give the room balance. I really like the way that they have carried the ceiling molding across the drapes – it’s simply exquisite!

I work with my team to ensure a very personal and dramatic touch to each home where I am incorporating molding. I can get more ‘mood’ by layering baseboard underneath and above crown molding to give it depth. It is an amazing effect as the light and shadows bounce off the molding to create that sense of drama. 

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